Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Virginia Beach VA

Why I Love Virginia Beach!

If you are ever in the area of Virginia Beach VA, you need to spot by in the city. Even for a little bit amount of time, you will be able to see and do a ton of different things. I have just recently passed through the city and was able to do a couple of amazing things so I am going to write about some of them here. One of the first and best things that I did in Virginia Beach was check out the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. It is a local place right in the city and locally places in the center of the city. There is so much to see and do when you spend some time walking up and down this boardwalk.

Other Good Options!

The greatest thing about this local place is that it connects to a ton of other local places in Virginia Beach Virginia. We will get into some of the other places later but the best part about this amazing local place is that it's free! You can walk up and down the walk as much as your heart desires and not have to drop a single penny the whole entire day. You get to view some of the best beaches in all of the state while you walk up and down, and just enjoy life altogether. I absolutely loved this place and wished I could spend an entire day here. Another local place in Virginia Beach is the Cape Henry Lighthouse. This is an awesome free monument that you get to see and view for free. You have the chance to climb to the very top of the lighthouse and check out some of the views. The views are all beautiful and you will surely love the trip. Going off of local places that you could see from the boardwalk we mentioned earlier, you definitely need to check out Virginia Beach itself. Right up against the beautiful ocean, this beach is a huge local attraction to the city. You can do tons of different activities when you visit the beach and could easily spend a whole day here. This is also a free local attraction in the city so you don’t have to give up a lot in order to enjoy an amazing day here.

My Time Spent In Currituck

One last local place I saw in Virginia Beach VA was the military aviation museum. There is so much amazing history stored up and put on display in this goldmine. The best part about this museum is the amount of variety within it. Everyone should be able to find something they enjoy within. This is also a local place in Virginia Beach so you shouldn’t have to go that far in order to come and see this amazing place. Hopefully my experience in Virginia Beach VA helped pick out some cool local places in the city for you. I only spent a little time here and I completely regret it. There was so much more to do. Good luck! For more on this topic, look at